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Bee Hive

Bee Hive Sessions are held on Saturdays to help children enjoy the Montessori Touch to Language and Mathematics. Dr. Montessori spent her lifetime creating materials to help children discover the world of abstraction on their own through concrete materials. This opens a new world in every child to explore his true potential and creativity. As a Trained and Certified Montessori Adult, I believe that every child of a newer generation has a greater ability to create. We help children understand and explore Language and Mathematics through Montessori Methodology.

2nd Saturdays of Every Month - Stories at Bumblbees                                       
                                          Time - 10:30-11:30
                                          Fees - Rs 100/- per child
For Ages - 1 ½ years – 6 years

3rd & 4th Saturdays of Every Month - MathBees - Math Session
For Ages - 2.5 years – 10 years
                                           Time - 10:30 am -12 noon
                                           Limited 5 children per session
                                           Fees - Rs 500/-
                                           Registration: Rs. 100/-