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Dear Parents,

A child is the joy and hope of every family. And every child is unique and special just like every living thing in this world. It probably feels like your bundle of joy just arrived but time flies so fast that you can also see that your child needs more. Children are spontaneous learners and they grow at a very fast pace. Before you choose an early childhood school for your child, please remember "Childhood is a journey not a race"

What's Unique about Bumblbees?

We admit a maximum of 24 children including all ages. Our Montessori Community is a mixed age group (children of ages two to six). Our Infant Community is for only 2-3 children. We limit our number of children to ensure that every child get individual presentations (lessons) and children develop spontaneous independent learning. Our environment supports natural development in children. We allow them to work with any appropriate activity(Practical life, Art, Sensorial, Language, Math, Sciences) of the child's choice. This develops a willful happy learning and further curiosity. It develops concentration as we allow children to work as long as they want with their chosen activity. They are free to move, talk and choose to work, play, rest or eat at any point of the day. The environment is prepared such that children can function independently without Adult help. We ensure 1 Montessori Trained Adult, an Assistant Adult and 1 Helpers for 20 Children. Infant Community will have 1 Adult for 2-3 children.

Our environment is an extension of a home. We enrich it with care to inspire and invoke curiosity and love to learn. Everything here has a purpose and we enjoy discovering the unique ability in every child.

Now, don't assume that quality education has to be expensive, our fee structure is reasonable. Contact Us and Visit the school to make an informed choice for your child.

Inspired by Children,

Sai Lalitha


(Association Montessori Internationale, Netherlands - Primary Certified)

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Harmful Effects of mobile Radiation for Children http://www.healthychild.org/cell-phones-radiation-your-childs-health/
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Sailalitha Anandavel,
Aug 11, 2016, 6:00 PM
Sailalitha Anandavel,
Aug 11, 2016, 5:59 PM
Sailalitha Anandavel,
Aug 11, 2016, 6:00 PM
Sailalitha Anandavel,
Aug 11, 2016, 6:00 PM