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Remember the Bumblebee does something impossible every day!

Bumblbees Casa dei Bambini programs are for children eighteen months through six years of age. It is a homely environment and we believe that young children need a a lot of freedom to move, socialize and to grow up spontaneously. It is a House of Children that helps children learn to develop the sense of community and responsibilty. The Montessori Curriculum developed by Dr. Montessori when used in whole as a philosophy works hand in hand in beautiful unfolding of the child's true potential. Enrollment priority is given on first come basis. Our's is the only Casa that houses a maximum of 25 children of mixed age group in a 2400 sq. ft environment.

We are open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m- 5 p.m. On Saturdays 10.00 a.m - 12 noon.

Age (by June 1st)

18 months above

2 ½  above

3 ½  above

4 ½  above


Infant community





9:00 - 12:00 





3 hrs

3 hrs

4 hrs 30 mins

5 hrs 30 mins

Parents are free to opt for the number of hours the child stays at Bumblbees. We prefer that children stay longer as they grow older as they readily enjoy discovering and exploring more and more. But for any reason, if you prefer your child to stay for a specified period of time only, you may choose to opt for your choice of hours. Fees vary only by the number of hours and not by the progressive years. Snacks and a Eco-Friendly Bee gift are included in the fees.

Fees for October 2017-March 2018



9 am – 12 noon

9 am – 1:30 pm

9 am- 2 pm

Infant Program (1 ½ yrs – 2 ½ yrs)




Montessori (2 ½ yrs – 6+ yrs)




Annual Material Maintenance – Rs 5000/-

The above fee includes a field trip, everyday snack and stationery. No other additional costs. We are open to extended hours up to 4 pm for children with working Parents.

We ensure quality environment and education by keeping our overheads minimal and involving Parents in the Community.

Infant Community 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 year

Infant Community is for toddlers who are stepping out for the first time into a new environment and meeting new people. Our community is caring and ensures that it aids natural development. Our environment enriches, engages and helps toddlers progress to our Montessori environment. Activities encourage co-ordianation of movements, language and independence. Children are free to move, choose to play/choose activities/eat/relax at their own pace. We do not allow disposable diapers and encourage children to use the toilets. Our Infant Community is for about 3 children of ages below 2 1/2 years and is for children who will progress to our Montessori Environment.

Montessori (3 years)

Given the freedom of choice and freedom to move, children learn individually and independently, from each other and together with their friends older and younger. The curriculum is incredibly enriching and at Bumblbees Casa dei Bambini we work together with the parents. We observe your child's development and interests and engage them in activities that help them further refine, explore and discover. An individual Work Plan and Development Report will be shared every term with the Parents. Parents are welcome to meet the directress to discuss the child's progress at any time with an appointment. Montessori Method does not involve direct teaching but indirect preparations and spontaneous natural development in the child. Please use the Parent-Child corner which will be updated on a timely basis to understand your child better and the variety of activities that you can do to engage your child productively. Also please share your ideas and your discoveries with us to help grow a more responsible child friendly community. We do not impose children with homework but children who show eagerness to take work back home are assigned work that they will complete independently without the Parents direct help.

A transition process for children transferring to traditional schooling in Grade 1 is done on request. It helps children to transition to traditional method of learning.

Extended Hours(After School Day Care):

For children who require after school care, we have an extended hour program. Please contact office for details.
Children spend the day like at home after their respective working hours. We arrange for art, music, games and activities that foster independent learning. They are free to play, choose any activity, relax with their friends or take a nap. Snacks will be provided, lunch is optional.


School transportation available - only Banaswadi route. Private Transportation assistance available - Omni Van or Auto.


Books open a world of knowledge for children. Young children who are given age appropriate books, grow up enjoying and discovering the joy of reading. Parents are encouraged to read to their children. You are welcome to visit the library after class hours till 5.00 p.m on week days and from 10.00 a.m - 12 noon on Saturdays. Please call in advance to ensure that the library is open.