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Workshop on Spontaneous Education and Secret of Childhood

The workshop is conducted by experienced Montessorians who enjoy working with children. It gives you a hands on experience on Spontaneous Activity. Montessori Education is about aiding life, which means it is more than literacy. From the first move that the child makes in the Mother's womb, growing independence in children is evident. They thrive to do everything for themselves by themselves. Dr. Montessori's life was spent understanding and discovering the secret of childhood. The Methodology has proven that Self Discipline is a result of Freedom. She has passed on to us a wonderful realization of how we have forgotten that Education is an aid to Life. In all Authentic Montessori House of Children that have Well Trained and Experienced Adults, Children have mastered the basics of Language, Mathematics and Culture through their own work. They explore through all their senses and enjoy learning with their peers. What is Spontaneous Activity? How do children ARRIVE  AT and DISCOVER their potential on their OWN. Children discover that they can write, read or understand Mathematics on their own without having someone to teach them.

The Workshop Highlights are as follows:
What are the developmental milestones of a Child?
What are the needs of a child?
What is Education?
What is the role of a School?
What is Spontaneous Activity?
Why is Early Childhood Education Important?
Why Spontaneous Activity and not the the rote learning?
Why Freedom and Self Discipline and why not a Curriculum of Literacy which is Teacher Oriented?
How we work in Authentic Montessori Schools?
How Children learn to do everything on their own including Language, Maths and EVERYTHING?
How much joy they derive from discovering their true potential?
How to know the difference between Authentic Montessori Schools and Pre-Schools named Montessori?