Prospective Parents - Admission Information

We accept admissions for  Infant Community (age as of June above sixteen months) and Montessori (minimum age two years and six months as of June) all through the year on admission availability. Montessori 1-3 is a three years cycle. 

Montessori Education is a three year cycle with progressive learning. As the method is based on indirect aid to support spontaneous development in children, we strongly prefer to admit children who will spend their early years up to age six with us. We would be happy to assist Parents with admissions for Elementary Montessori program. Montessori Program is a three year Program for children of 3-6 years, until they transfer to first standard. Parents who intend to transfer their children after 4 years of age to a Conventional School LKG, please opt for Infant Community and we suggest that your child continues in Infant Community until then.  Admissions are also open for children from other Montessori School subject to Parent Interview, Child Observation and availability of space.

 Please be aware that Montessori is a mixed age group environment and children may continue Montessori until they are age appropriate (six years) for 1st standard admission. Our curriculum caters to the interests and the ability of the child and there is no limit to their learning.

Admission Process:

1. Kindly fill the Admission Query Form on the Contact Us Page or send an email or WhatsApp message or call us before you visit us.

2. Visit us with your child after scheduling an appointment

3. If you'd like to admit your child, please fill in the Application Form online (link ) and pay the Application fees of ₹ 250/- for the Application to be processed through Google pay to 9538527111. We will revert to Applications submitted with the fee paid only.

3. We admit children on first come basis. An email will be sent with fee details and due date. Kindly revert to us once the fee has been paid, we will schedule an Orientation on the chosen Program.

Preference is given to children through referral, residing closer to the School, children having parents or siblings with Montessori background or parents who are willing to let the children blossom like a flower at their own pace and inclined towards allowing children to explore naturally.

We believe that every child has right to education. Our Tuition Fees is very reasonable and we provide highest standards of Montessori Education. Normally we do not expect children to be withdrawn during the academic session, June to April. However, should it be necessary to withdraw a child, parents are expected to give suitable notice.  Fees once paid is non-refundable.