Parent Corner

Dear Parents,

This corner is just for Parents to explore the Montessori Journey. Hope it helps you find resources that help you guide you children. Please reach out to me if you need any guidance.

Weekly Nature Walks

Do you take a stroll? How does it feel when we are connected with Nature?

Nature walks are enjoyable experiences and children look forward to it more often than just once a week. But with hardly three hours a day and five days a week, we manage to take some time out with the best resource and the best teacher, most inspiring - The Nature.

What is Nature Walk for children?

It’s going outdoors, feeling the natural breeze, the sun, seeing and being a part our Natural world. Just walking amongst the various types of trees, growing plants, a world of insects and animal world gives the happiness of humans as a part of the natural world. Man is a natural creation though we live in a manmade world. It is essential, as most of the time spent by children is in a manmade world limiting their adaptation as well as their experiences. It takes away the simple moments of joy and laughter just being a part of the world.

How Nature Walks are done at Bumblbees?

It’s more than just going out and coming back. As a group, they find partners; learn to independently get ready by wearing their footwear, hats and stick together. It’s a journey with their friends where they find natural order and learn to become responsible. It creates a sense of awareness on basic outdoor etiquette. But most importantly, continuing to feel the amazing Truth that we are Natures’ creation ourselves. Not fearing but learning to live in harmony.


Education is an aid to life not just literacy. Human beings created ways of communicating with each other and literacy is only one key aspect to it. School is not a place for just literacy but a space to develop Human potentials and advancements. In order to educate the human potential it is necessary to be develop independence, precise communication and many aspects of social behaviour. Where more can we find solutions, ideas than from our own Natural world? The key to it is Observation. What starts with fun running around, finds its way to observe very soon. To observe how ants communicate, how caterpillars transform into butterflies, how a seed grows, how everything lives harmoniously in this changing world. Nature helps us to connect, observe and find our true potentials. Children being natural learners and allowed to connect with their natural world channelize their abundant energy in to creative development through spontaneous activities.