Parent Corner

Dear Parents,

This corner is just for Parents to explore the Montessori Journey. Hope it helps you find resources that help you guide you children. .

Parents may volunteer on Fridays to be a part of the community, enriching living. 

Kindly allow children to have gadget free time at home and the neighborhood to help them adapt to life. All screentime that do not have human interaction deteriorates and hinders child development. Screentime are not Nannies. Hyperactivity, inability to develop concentration and attention, autism, speech delays, behavioral  problems are on the rise due to prolonged screentime in the lives of children. Children need appropriate human interaction and things to do where the mind and body works along with the growing awareness and intelligence. A Montessori environment is one such place, the other should be their home. 

Include them in daily activities or so called chores.

Avoid enrolling them in many or any formal classes at least till age six. Children often lose interest when they are kept busy especially when their teachers are not passionate about their work but are doing it to time pass or have no skill.  Young children copy what adults do and learn through imitation and need opportunity and uninterrupted time to allow their creative explorations and discoveries. It's important to be cautious on what they experience. Physical sports like swimming may be encouraged with fun but without any competition or rush. Football, basketball, tracks and any form of formal competitive team sports are inappropriate for children below age six. Encouraging any game or physical sport at the child's pace supports and will help the child pursue it with love and fun. They can always enjoy dancing, drawing, painting, playing in play areas, venturing out with parents and friends on outdoor trips and explore their world. Children deserve a life without peer and parental pressure, stress and force. Please do not impose on the child what you are good at or were unable to do. Your dream is yours, the child has one's own dreams. If they see you enjoy doing something, they are more likely to do it better. Be a role model.

Happy Parenting! It's simple as long you connect and relate well. 

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