Extended Hours Guidelines

Please contact Office for Fees. Extended hours fees are to be paid on Monthly basis and in full, in advance.

A diary will be maintained on your child’s activities.

Optional Lunch – Chapathi, Either Dal Rice/Rasam or Variety Rice like Lemon Rice or Kichidi or Pulav, Curd Rice and one vegetable or Pasta. Seasonal Fruits.

What to Pack?

  • Breakfast if starting at 8 a.m, lunch(if not opting to lunch provided by us) and any healthy food or drink that your child may prefer. Ensure that you pack cooked vegetables and any healthy food as a part of the meal. Please use only steel boxes and cutlery

  • Two sets of clothes & a hand towel

  • Water bottle and/or juices in a steel bottle or glass bottle

What to avoid?

  • Toys

  • Junk Food, food high in sugar and fats

  • Plastic Boxes, bottles and cutlery. There are many BPA Free Plastic lunch kits but you can’t ensure if they are truly safe for your child. Please read about harmful effects of plastic food packaging and consider your child’s health and well being

Mutual Expectations:

  • Developing Independence – Allowing children to wash up, change clothes, eat on their own. Help to be given when required

  • A lot of socializing with peers and inculcating healthy relationship with Adults and children

  • Choice to play outside, continue to do environment work, other art/music/sports activities and to nap

Follow the environment rules i.e

  • Care for people, environment and work

  • Not to hurt other children or Adults

  • Mishandling or damaging property will not be allowed

Sick children who need medical attention are to be cared by Parents at home. We will take care of children when they have a mild ailment of cough and cold but please be there for your child when they need you as their emotional longing to be cared by parents is a relationship between parent and the child

Transparency and mutual respect - If any concerns, please address it at the earliest to the Head of the Environment. At any point we will not tolerate any rude or disrespectful conduct. Lapses are a part of human nature but not inhumane conduct. Please do bring to the notice of the Head of the Environment if you become aware of any staff not adhering to our standards or are disrespectful to you or the children.