Activities at Home

There are endless activities for children but the most important ones are the ones that help them become independent, self confident and creative. Being aware of the waste recycling and keeping things more purposeful and natural based on the child's ability is important.


Allow children to develop the confidence of doing things by themselves. Human beings were created and designed to auto learn. We don't need teachers and in fact it is only self experience that helps us become what we want to be. Aiding and guiding this human potential of self learning and adapting to ones own world is the true essence of any activity.

Young children below six must be allowed and encouraged to

(A) Care of Self

1. Eat and drink on their own

2. Getting dressed on their own

3. Washing up, bathing on their own

4. Toilet training, to use the toilet and clean themselves on their own

5. Wear their own footwear

(B) Care of the Environment

1. Put back things in place

2. Fold clothes

3. Dust furniture, doors, gates, books, etc

4. Keep their surroundings tidy

5. Peel, Cut, shell, shred etc fruits, nuts, vegetables

6. Sweep

7. Mop

8. Water plants

9. Wash small cloth, utensils etc

10. Care for pets

11. Gardening

12. Help drying clothes

(C) Care for Others

1. Offer water and food to others

2. Se the lunch table

3. Help cleaning up

4. Help Grandparents with things they need

5. Bring grocery bags home

6. Help shopping

Grace and Courtesy

1. Greeting others and using polite language

2. Share things with others

3. Listening to others

4. Learning to wait and take turns

Physical Activities:

1. Going for long walks

2. Playing in the park

3. Cycling, running, skipping

4. Playing ball

5. Playing with friends, Adults and animals

6. Stretch exercises, climbing so on

Art, Craft and Creative Activities

1. Sand play

2. Play dough

3. Blocks, puzzles son on

4. Drawing with chalk, pencil and on sand

5. Colouring and painting

6. Origami folds

7. Best out of waste

8. Cooking, baking so on

9. Singing, listening to music

10. playing music

11. Dancing

There is so much that children can do. But the size of the things they use and a child friendly environment is very important. A child who is allowed to do things on their own is a very busy child and will hardly have any time to be bored. Also allow boredom when it arises, it's then that the mind begins to spark and find ways of doing new things creatively. Be an inspiration, a role model. The way Adults spend their day has a huge impact on children's choices.

Please share ideas, videos and pictures of things you do with your children. Lets help our children to grow responsibly and use the resources around them with love and care.