Our Team

From left below: Barnali, Suneera, Charchika, Sai; Above: Priya and Sujatha

About the Team:

Sai Lalitha 

Founder and Directress

Graduate in Commerce and post graduate in Human Resources, AMI Montessori Primary Diploma from Navadisha Montessori Foundation. 

Well, if you've come across people who are generally the baby sitters, the person who is entrusted with children by neighbors, during any family events and gatherings, oh! I'm one such person. Initially, after graduating, I worked in Finance and Accounting for IT/ITES sector for four years. After the birth of my first child, I was inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori's book "The Secret of Childhood".  I pursued and completed the AMI Diploma in 2011 and there after my life has been a journey of working with children in Montessori schools. Many people have been my inspiration, K's talks guide me to be a seer.  With philosophy put aside, life is beautiful when one is in a garden and with children.

Bumblbees Casa dei Bambini was founded in January 2016 and ever since it's been quite a journey. No matter what I do, I am always connected and grounded by working with children. I believe in sustainable living and minimalism. I love gardening, drawing, crafting, writing, I try everything basically. My work at Bumblbees is simple, I go by the flow, through reflective practices. One is aware of oneself, that sensitivity takes one through many transformative experiences connecting to the real world (not the man made world). I look forward to continue to be the happy place, to aid independence in children and guide them through their transformative formative years. I learn and grow together at Bumblbees.


Montessori Guide

An electrical engineer with a background in IT, I've always been drawn to holistic and sustainable approaches to learning and education. This passion led me to delve into various educational philosophies, such as Montessori, Waldorf, and Wild schooling. Additionally, I completed a comprehensive teacher training course offered by the Krishnamurthi Foundation in India, which provided profound insights into child development and education through the lens of Jiddu Krishnamurthi's philosophy.

My journey as an educator began by teaching students in government schools through an NGO. Working with children has been a transformative experience, reminding me of life's simplicity and the importance of cherishing every moment. I firmly believe in the uniqueness of every child and recognize that s/he has her/his own individual learning pace.

In 2022, I joined the Bumblbees school community, motivated by their commitment to nurturing children's passion for learning. Through extensive Montessori training at Bumblbees, I've been able to translate my educational interests into practical methodologies that cater to the holistic development of every child.

Being someone who thrives in nature, I find solace and inspiration outdoors. My personal experiences have reinforced the profound connection between humanity and the natural world, highlighting the importance of fostering environmental consciousness in education. I am convinced that by instilling a deep sense of appreciation for nature and sustainable practices in children, we can cultivate a more rejuvenated and environmentally conscious society.

Overall, my journey as an educator has been shaped by a commitment to holistic learning, a belief in the uniqueness of every child, and a passion for fostering a deep connection with nature.

Charchika Tripathi

Montessori Guide

I have completed my graduation in BCom and Post graduate in MBA(finance). 

I started teaching in a traditional school in my native, this is how my teaching journey started. While teaching I persuaded my B.Ed.(commerce).

My journey as Montessori adult started in Bumblebees in year 2023. The Montessori methodology and psychology was a very new thing for me, under Sai Lalitha ma’am supervision I am learning how to use the Montessori materials and practices. I am learning how to observe a child and how it helps an adult to work with a child, as every child is different and so working with them.

As Montessori believes in learning through exploration, I am able to explore my areas of interest as an art and craft lover with children.

Young minds are amazing! They soak up everything with full excitement. It’s magical to see how they learn by themselves, solve problems on their own and I love how their eyes light up whenever they discover new things.Watching their joy and curiosity inspires me everyday. They remind me to see the world with fresh eyes, which keeps things fun for me too. 


Nido Guide

Introduction to be updated.

Barnali Roy

Nido Assistant Guide

I'm a mother of a four 4 years old boy and a family maker. I'm a graduate from Calcutta University (West Bengal) and worked in automobile industry for 15 years as a Zonal Corporate Marketing Head. Then, I was caring for my new born son for three years and worked as an independent digital marketer. Though the jobs had a lucrative salary, once my son started off to school I choose my dream profession and now I am associated with Bumblbees Casa Del Bambini as an assistant teacher in Infant Community. I really enjoy my work. I always wanted to do something for the community and after my baby was born, I realized this is the best way I can do something for our future generation, for our children. I am not a trained Montessori teacher but always follow the principles of Maria Montessori to support the development of my own child. Montessori school gives the toddlers an independence to self-teach one through adolescence. So, for me it’s very important because I feel without independence no one can grow up. I choose to join Bumblbees because my son used to come to this school as a student of Infant Community and I saw his improvements. I personally met with adults and feel their sensitivity, understanding, listening skill, patience and ability to remain calm in stressful situation. I enjoy learning and working with children here.


Support Staff

Akka, joined us as a substitute helper in 2019 and she rejoined during covid as a full time support staff. She is very caring and always puts children first. All parents understand how much children love her. She liaises with other support staffs and ensures that children are well cared for and the school is clean. Everyone in school loves her simplicity and her flexibility to be there to help whenever needed. 

All others are temporary team members.

Work with us

"Education is an aid to life" and working with young children requires spiritual calmness, physical strength and the ability to unlearn and learn again. One needs to pay attention, listen and support the needs of every young child that we are in touch with. It cannot be an alternative career for a house wife or a business entrepreneur  or an option to make money in spare time. Children are the hope of the future and if you are person who connects naturally with children, ready to learn and live life to the fullest, Bumblbees is a great place to be.  

We  are inspired by the work of Indian Montessori Foundation, Association Montessori Internationale and the Krishnamurthi philosophy of Education. The Adults who work here are Montessori or ECE trained or are expected to get trained in-house, participate and learn through IMF courses, workshops and talks.

Location: Karanai (neighborhood - Thalambur, Ottiambakkam, Perumbakkam, Navalur, Semmencheri and Shollinganallur)

Working hours:

Full Day Option - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri), 9:30 - 12:30 first and third Saturdays working 

Half Day Option - 8:30 am - 2:30 pm (Mon-Fri), 9:30 - 12:30 first and third Saturdays working  (half the salary)

We would be happy to have well educated work partners who are driven to change education system and truly care about the well being of children. We work on a sustainable philosophy.  This requires lifetime commitment. 

For employment opportunities, please refer below

Montessori Directress


Graduates with AMI Diploma. Adults who speak English with neutral accent and fluent in Tamil or Hindi. Roles and responsibilities will be shared on appointment. Salaries based on Montessori knowledge, one's personality and ability to work with young children. 

Prefer - Graduates with AMI Diploma. Adults who speak English with neutral accent and fluent in Tamil or Hindi with over three years of work experience 

Montessori Assistant and Admin Co-ordinator 

Entry Level Applicants (Age requirement 21 years and above)

Qualification:  Education - Pre-University or graduates or post graduates

Fluent in English and Tamil or Hindi with good command over reading and writing

Open to learning, be punctual and regular

Salaries: Industry standard

All Adults with non-AMI training will be considered as Montessori Assistants irrespective of their qualification and experience which is irrelevant to working in a Montessori School. Salaries and position will be revised once the Adult is able to unlearn and practice Montessori method of  education. 

Kindly fill the Form below to work with us. We will revert to your if your profile suits our requirement.